Muse – ‘New Kind of Kick’

Happy Halloween!! Nothing brightens up the day like Matt Bellamy in leather pants with Elvis hair….right? The Muse boys have come back for Halloween with a fun and funky cover of The Cramps’ ‘New Kind of Kick’. As if we needed another reason to love them, they never fail to surprise their fans in the most unexpected ways. It’s hardly a musical masterpiece but still worth checking out; at the very least, you’ll crack a grin.


Muse – ‘Aftermath’

A beautiful music video to match a beautiful song, Muse’s latest video for ‘Aftermath’ is a real tear-jerker. As if the lyrics for the song weren’t enough on their own, this video really encapsulates the whole meaning behind Drones. Muse’s constant appeal for peace and fighting the system – across most of their songs, not just their latest album – is truly inspirational. Even if you only listen for the music, you won’t be able to walk away having not taken at least part of their message with you. Another wonderful job, guys.

Live Review: Muse Drones European Tour (London O2, April 11th)

Following the release of latest album Drones, Muse have taken to the stage once again for a European arena tour. For their second of five London shows, the band brought along Phantogram as their support and they did not disappoint. The band worked well to set the mood for the main act, but rather than being patiently endured by the waiting crowd they quickly became well received and seemed to impress. Vocalist Sarah Barthel’s unique, gentle tone echoed through the arena and soothed everyone in the room. Playing through a few of their best songs before ending with the popular ‘When I’m Small’, Phantogram did very well to please their audience. And then, 30 minutes later, Muse appeared.

Muse are one of those bands known to never just stand on a stage and play hits – they perform. Continue reading Live Review: Muse Drones European Tour (London O2, April 11th)