Gorillaz -‘Hallelujah Money’

On a day that will be known for years to come as perhaps the most farcical, yet utterly depressing, day in 2017 – and possibly history? – it came as a delightful shock when Gorillaz of all bands released new music. ‘Hallelujah Money’ came down from the Heavens as though to say ‘even on this darkest of days there is still something to be happy about’. And so, with a big smile and bigger excitement I sat down and hit play, ready to be encircled with a sound that would restore some life in this bleak day.

To be blunt, the aforementioned darkness and gloom has only intensified, accompanied by the droning vocals of a man that sings as though he hates life itself. ‘Hallelujah Money’ is the most depressing thing I’ve heard in a while and whilst it may throw back to the sounds of some of Gorillaz’s older music, that does not by any means make it good.

Whilst I appreciate the political intent behind the song, I would have rather they had just put out a passionate tweet like everyone else.