Motionless In White – ‘Eternally Yours’

Motionless In White have released a new single – ‘Eternally Yours’. Here we have a song that is almost beautiful, yet the edges are so nicely roughened with the band’s usual metalcore sound that the result is a fascinating blend of the two. Continue reading Motionless In White – ‘Eternally Yours’


Bullet For My Valentine – ‘Don’t Need You’

New Bullet For My Valentine music has landed! And it’s not half bad, either. The band have clearly taken a heavier direction with new single ‘Don’t Need You’ – a direction that I hope their album continues with. Screams from start to finish, with a chorus that’s equally as powerful with Moose’s heavy drums, we get the usual anger that Bullet never fails to deliver.

That said, Bullet’s success with this single is also – for me – their downfall. Continue reading Bullet For My Valentine – ‘Don’t Need You’

Muse – ‘New Kind of Kick’

Happy Halloween!! Nothing brightens up the day like Matt Bellamy in leather pants with Elvis hair….right? The Muse boys have come back for Halloween with a fun and funky cover of The Cramps’ ‘New Kind of Kick’. As if we needed another reason to love them, they never fail to surprise their fans in the most unexpected ways. It’s hardly a musical masterpiece but still worth checking out; at the very least, you’ll crack a grin.

Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Doomed’ (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)

Here is an example of something truly majestic. The last thing any of us would relate to a band like Bring Me The Horizon is delicacy; sweeping strings, gentle woodwinds and a powerful yet angelic choir. Yet, somehow, we have been presented with a combination of metal and classical that is just beautiful. Continue reading Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Doomed’ (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)

Avenged Sevenfold – ‘The Stage’


They’re back! After an excruciating 3 year wait, Avenged Sevenfold have returned to bless our ears with an awesome new song; ‘The Stage’. With this slightly longer – but by no means tedious – track of 8 minutes, A7X have silenced any fans that were skeptical of the bands next move following the slightly less successful 2013 album Hail to the King, as well as the switch from Arin Ilejay on the drums to Brook Wackerman.

Continue reading Avenged Sevenfold – ‘The Stage’

Asking Alexandria – ‘Here I Am’

It’s safe to say that Asking Alexandria have established the fact that they’re bigger and better with new front man Denis Stoff, and their new music video for ‘Here I Am’ is only further proof of this.

Continue reading Asking Alexandria – ‘Here I Am’

Muse – ‘Aftermath’

A beautiful music video to match a beautiful song, Muse’s latest video for ‘Aftermath’ is a real tear-jerker. As if the lyrics for the song weren’t enough on their own, this video really encapsulates the whole meaning behind Drones. Muse’s constant appeal for peace and fighting the system – across most of their songs, not just their latest album – is truly inspirational. Even if you only listen for the music, you won’t be able to walk away having not taken at least part of their message with you. Another wonderful job, guys.