Review: Lower Than Atlantis ‘Safe in Sound’

Lower Than Atlantis have released their fifth studio album, Safe in Sound, and it is a damn good one. One point I’ll get out of the way right away is the inevitable comparison to their previous album – no, Safe in Sound isn’t better than Lower Than Atlantis. Isolating it from all previous LTA music however, it is definitely worth the listen and I reckon it’ll do pretty well on multiple charts.

LTA’s sound always seems to have quite a feel-good vibe to it, and this album is no exception. Even with the first line of opener ‘Had Enough’ being ‘I hate everyone that I meet’, the electronic influences in the song plus catchy repetition of ‘had enough’ in the chorus gives it the kind of bounce that makes it easy to ignore the angsty lyrics and just dance. Perhaps that makes the song counter-productive to the purpose, but I certainly wouldn’t pin that as a negative in this instance. After some decidedly poppier tracks, the middle of the album presents us with the somewhat anthemic ‘Could Be Worse’, followed by my personal favourite – the powerful ‘I Would’. These three songs do well to throw a little something different in the mix, with the latter in particular nicely showing off Duce’s vocals. I do wonder if this is the extent of their abilities however, or if we’ll get more daring decisions with the next release.

Our customary ballad comes in the form of the surprisingly sad ‘I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore’. Safe in Sound’s penultimate track goes from sweet-sounding to rather depressing pretty quickly, and I’m not sure that it really fits on this album. Whilst the lyrics in other songs such as ‘Dumb’ and ‘Money’ aren’t exactly joyful, they still have a peppy musicality that prevents the overall vibe of the album from being gloomy. ‘I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore’ is by no means a bad song, but I reckon it will be the one that I’ll be skipping when listening to the album in future. I’m just glad they didn’t end on what could’ve ruined the entire feel of this album.

Safe in Sound is quite a relaxed album; it is by no means intense or evokes any particular emotion in its listeners. It’s just quite chilled. If you’re looking for something to listen to on a pleasant spring day, it’s this. The album is definitely pop-punkier than their previous music – luckily I’m not opposed to that genre – but it still sounds like LTA. It will be interesting to see what they’ll put out in years to come.


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