Motionless In White – ‘Eternally Yours’

Motionless In White have released a new single – ‘Eternally Yours’. Here we have a song that is almost beautiful, yet the edges are so nicely roughened with the band’s usual metalcore sound that the result is a fascinating blend of the two. ‘Eternally Yours’ features shifts from fierce screams right from the beginning and into the verses, to delicacy in the penultimate chorus and ending. The feature that stands out most in this song is Chris Cerulli’s ability to mix in emotion with the lyrics he sings – not just the ferocity in his screams but the sweeter tones used in those soft sections. Indeed, his ability to switch so easily between these two is equally as impressive as being able to perform them at all.

Musically there is nothing incredible about ‘Eternally Yours’ – certainly, it isn’t doing anything new. Yet amazingly, it somehow leaves such a strong impression that it has me playing it over and over again. Perhaps that’s a result of Cerulli’s vocals; perhaps it’s the compelling lyrics of lines such as ‘As we rest in pieces, though I know not your name/I would suffer forever to absolve all your pain’; perhaps it’s that alluring ending where the song appears to be over and then Cerulli scarcely breathes a final ‘yours’. Or maybe it’s just my personal preference to anything decent in metalcore. Regardless, this song is a win. And if it’s anything to go by, the rest of the album should be too.


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