Review: Code Orange’s ‘Forever’

Code Orange have kicked off 2017 with new album Forever, which has led to endless talk about them in the last week. Admittedly, I knew very little of the band prior to this release so it was a lot of fun delving head-first into this record. I was not disappointed.

Code Orange’s music is just so aggressive that it tears you up. Second track ‘Kill the Creator’ introduces the intense screams and breakdowns that Forever is packed with. There’s a real sinister vibe that runs through the album from start to finish, yet the darkness in this band is part of what’s so alluring about them. The darker they get, the more of it you want – and I definitely want more of this. There are occasional melodic breaks such as that in ‘Bleeding in the Blur’ which are quite refreshing but by no means soften the overall impact – the album is still insanely heavy. Code Orange are what hardcore is about and this album shows why they’re among the best (if not the best) of it. A record that does whatever the hell it wants – it’s like, if you like it, great, if not, too bad. You can just hear in the music that they made it for themselves which is becoming a rarity with bands.

Despite featuring more clean vocals than I Am King, Forever is still heavier overall. I am in no way slating bands that have lightened up their sound over time, but it’s definitely nice to see a band do the opposite. There’s high hopes for Code Orange’s future and I see them continuing to pave the way for hardcore bands that want to keep their sound.


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