Bullet For My Valentine – ‘Don’t Need You’

New Bullet For My Valentine music has landed! And it’s not half bad, either. The band have clearly taken a heavier direction with new single ‘Don’t Need You’ – a direction that I hope their album continues with. Screams from start to finish, with a chorus that’s equally as powerful with Moose’s heavy drums, we get the usual anger that Bullet never fails to deliver.

That said, Bullet’s success with this single is also – for me – their downfall. ‘Don’t Need You’ screams Bullet in every way; there’s no mistaking which band is behind it. And anyone who loves this band and their sound will like this single for sure.  However, amidst a scene where everyone else is pushing the boat out and trying new things, is perfecting a sound they’ve had for years really the way forward? Since the release of disappoint Temper Temper, Bullet have plateaued; in the UK going from arenas back to academies and with many fans losing interest quickly. 2015 release Venom more than made up for the stumble but did not wow anyone enough to put them back on the rapid rise they faced since The Poison. And with ‘Don’t Need You’, I’m still not wowed.

‘Don’t Need You’ is undoubtedly a good song, and it’ll make a huge impact live too. But, if the next singles and/or album aren’t really amazing, I fear Bullet will get lost in the dust of all the upcoming bands and new music of 2016/17.


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