Death of a Bachelor

So I know Panic!’s latest album isn’t exactly new anymore, but four months later I still can’t stop playing it! So here’s an old review I wrote in January about it….enjoy!


Review – Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Death of A Bachelor’

It’s a cold, gloomy, dark January morning. Then Death of a Bachelor starts playing and the skies turn blue, the sun comes up and everyone’s having a good time. Panic! At The Disco’s latest album has nothing but good vibes from start to finish and is exactly what you need to survive the dreaded ‘back to school/work’ routine that marks the end of the Christmas holidays. The majority of the songs on Death of a Bachelor are the energetic, dance-around-your-room-when-no one’s-looking kind of tracks and I most certainly do. There’s quite a difference from their previous albums and whilst tracks like ‘Death of a Bachelor’ and ‘Impossible Year’ might not fare with all of their fans, at least they’re exploring fresh new ideas. Continue reading Review – Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Death of A Bachelor’

Blink-182: ‘Bored to Death’

A long, stressful five years for Blink-182, and their fans, has finally come to end with the release of new single ‘Bored to Death’ and upcoming seventh studio album California (to be released July 1st, 2016). Contrary to the fears of many Blink fans, the departure of guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge has not affected the quality of this band’s music in any way, with ‘Bored to Death’ as preppy and uplifting as anything they’ve produced in the past. It’s definitely built confidence in the new album and I know I’m not the only one excited for its release.

As for the complaint that ‘Bored to Death’ sounds more like a +44 song than a Blink-182 song, I couldn’t disagree more. It’s no secret that +44 has massive influences from Blink music (seeing as it includes two of their band members), so naturally the sound of both will be similar. However, ‘Bored to Death’ lacks the slightly heavier sound that +44 were aiming for, and is catchier than anything they’ve produced. This single is the continuation of great things for Blink-182, and we all wait in anticipation for what’s to come.

It has also just been announced that the band will be touring North America with A Day To Remember, All Time Low and The All-American Rejects this summer.

Blink-182’s ‘Bored to Death’ can be accessed here.



Live Review: Muse Drones European Tour (London O2, April 11th)

Following the release of latest album Drones, Muse have taken to the stage once again for a European arena tour. For their second of five London shows, the band brought along Phantogram as their support and they did not disappoint. The band worked well to set the mood for the main act, but rather than being patiently endured by the waiting crowd they quickly became well received and seemed to impress. Vocalist Sarah Barthel’s unique, gentle tone echoed through the arena and soothed everyone in the room. Playing through a few of their best songs before ending with the popular ‘When I’m Small’, Phantogram did very well to please their audience. And then, 30 minutes later, Muse appeared.

Muse are one of those bands known to never just stand on a stage and play hits – they perform. Continue reading Live Review: Muse Drones European Tour (London O2, April 11th)

Review: Asking Alexandria’s ‘The Black’


You’re looking for new music. Something….loud, exciting, metal. Well, let me point you in the direction of Asking Alexandria’s new album, The Black. And if you’re a die-hard fan who’s already played it 17 times, then nod in agreement as I explore everything that’s right with this record.

After what can only be described as an excruciating wait for Asking Alexandria fans, their much-anticipated album, The Black, has finally be released. Naturally, since the departure of Danny last year, there have been a lot of questions about the direction the band would take – namely whether it would be up or down. Despite newcomer Denis Stoff (who has already more than become a part of the ‘AA Family’) displaying his impressive vocals on pre-released singles ‘I Won’t Give In’ and ‘Let It Sleep’, as well as smashinglive performances with the band, some couldn’t help but wonder if The Black would shape up to previous AA albums. Well let me tell you, this is the album by which future AA music will be set against. Continue reading Review: Asking Alexandria’s ‘The Black’